Download WhatsApp 2024 For PC

Download WhatsApp 2024 For PC -WhatsApp 2024 is the most popular instant messaging or Messenger app. This application can be used on mobile devices such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone. In addition, WhatsApp is available for your desktop or PC devices. WhatsApp has been releasing a desktop version of their app for Windows for quite some time. This application is also for desktop devices MAC OSX Mavericks v 10.9 or higher versions. 

Download WhatsApp For PC

However, to date, there is still no specific version available for computer devices running Windows 7 OS. Many reports about Windows 7 32-bit are not working. For Windows 7 64 bit turns out to be used smoothly. WhatsApp for Windows 8 can essentially work on Windows 7 devices. So, there is no special to WhatsApp 2024 for the latest version of Windows 7. The same way with WhatsApp for Windows 8. First of all download the app. For those of you who use Windows 7 64-bit download application for Windows 8 (64-bit). 

If you are using Windows 7 32-bit is the same. You need to download applications for Windows 8 32-bit. You should download the application according to your OS bit version. You do not have to worry, in addition to the Windows 10 apps for Windows 8 can also work on devices running Windows 7. 

How to download the next version of WhatsApp 2024 for Windows 10 is double-click the file you downloaded earlier to start the installation process. If you are finished in the installation process, then a new window will appear. You have to click the green Circle to display the QR code. Later the code should be scanned using your phone. 

Next, make sure your computer and phone are connected to the Internet. Open the WhatsApp app and open the menu and then WhatsApp Web. Then, scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen with your phone. When finished, the WhatsApp application for your desktop device is ready for use. 

Later all data including contact lists, groups, active chats and others will be automatically synced. If you want to exit or log out of the application click the menu (sign three dots) at the top next to the sign "+" then click the log Out. Download WhatsApp for Windows 7 The latest version is not very complicated. The trick is no different to the Windows 8 app. 

In addition to desktop, WhatsApp is available in the Web version. Its use is easier and more liked by the majority of society. Many are using the Web version because it is more simple and no need to install any application on the computer. Indeed there is no Windows 7 special application so you can Download WhatsApp 2024 for PC. However, to make it easier, you can use that way.